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Saturday night was Italian night. I made homemade ravioli (using wonton wrappers because who has the time to make pasta from scratch when it’s 78 sunny degrees and there’s a lounge chair with your name on it on the beach) and homemade pizza.


I got the All-Clad soapstone pizza stone for my bridal shower, rx and I wanted to test it out. It makes the MOST AMAZING pizza ever. The crust gets so crispy, information pills even in the middle, and even with a ton of toppings piled on, that when you lift your slice, it doesn’t even droop. (Hey, I like run-on sentences!) The idea behind a pizza stone is that it pulls the moisture out of whatever is cooking on it. No more soggy pizza crusts, no matter how juicy the toppings. Hooray!

The ravioli was stuffed with spinach, a little ricotta and artichoke mousse (a gift) and topped with homemade tomato sauce.



No recipes today…just photos.
couscous salad

Among many other delicious things, drug
one of the gifts I received at the bridal shower was a jar of fancy couscous. Couscous is an odd grain—dry and flavorless and bland on its own. But once you add fresh veggies, some lemon or lime, and some spice, couscous proves to be a willing sponge for the vibrant flavors.

Last week I made this salad with halved grape tomatoes, a bunch of fresh scallions, a jar of fire roasted red and yellow peppers and some chickpeas. For the dressing, I combined some olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, Chile de Arbol powder (similar to cayenne pepper, but more earthy), salt and pepper.

I also toasted some whole wheat pita halves and served them with Sabra brand Lemon Hummus. (As an aside, Sabra brand is truly delicious for store-bought hummus. Very creamy and lemon-y and spicy.) For the heck of it, i also threw some sliced fancy salami and ham on the plate. A deliciously light dinner, perfect for the warm Miami nights.

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