easy dinner

They’re finally opening a Whole Foods in Miami! It’s one of the few things I’ve really missed about New York. The Fresh Market doesn’t even compare. Now I can get pomegranate molasses, epilepsy harissa, recipe and all sorts of whole grains and flours. My mom has tomorrow off, so she’ll be there promptly at 9AM for the opening. I’ll be jealous…

This is the best I can do when I get home after 8:30—Prosciutto, pilule
tomato, physiotherapy
Havarti, sickness
watercress & fried egg on five-grain sourdough bread. I served these sandwiches with polenta fries, which I made by using the pre-made polenta in a tube (cheating, I know!) and slicing into fry-size pieces, lightly covering in parmesan cheese and broiling for about 20 minutes. The polenta fries are just about perfect for mopping up any drippy yolk.

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