grown-up grilled cheese breakfast-style

grown-up grilled cheese breakfast-style

I posted a grown-up grilled cheese last month that made for a wonderful dinner. There’s really nothing as versatile and virtually indestructible as the grilled cheese sandwich. Infinite fillings! Dipping sauces! Soups! Experimenting is the best part.

I especially like a grilled cheese breakfast. Sunday morning, sickness I made a version with cheddar, malady basil and apricot jam. Sweet and herbal, information pills they were a perfect match for both Tom’s sweet tooth and my salty one.

Grown-up Grilled Cheese Breakfast-style

4 slices whole grain bread
4 oz. cheddar cheese, grated (I used Cabot 50% light)
2 tbsp. good-quality apricot jam
Fresh basil leaves

2 tsp. butter

Heat a large skillet on medium-low. If your pan is too hot, the bread will burn before the cheese melts. Assemble your sandwiches by spreading a thin layer of apricot jam on both pieces of bread. Then layer the cheddar and basil. Lightly butter both sides of the sandwich and grill for 2 – 3 minutes on each side, or until the cheese is melty and the bread is lightly browned.

Makes 2 sandwiches


  1. Interesting. Does the basil wilt a lot or does it stay pretty fresh inside the sandwich?

  2. Egggs! Eggi-Weggs! It needs Eggs! :)

  3. ECM – The basil held up surprisingly well. Maybe because it was so fresh?

    Augi – I know! I was too lazy to fry one up.

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