Sunday Supper: Pork & Apple Pot Pie

Sunday Supper: Pork & Apple Pot Pie

If you’re looking for a serious Sunday Supper, information pills the kind of meal that takes all day to make, gerontologist but isn’t very much work, then this dish is for you. The pork and apples and thyme simmer all day until meltingly tender to make the perfect base to a pot pie.

This pie is the ultimate comfort food, but the puff pastry adds that extra bit of fancy which makes it perfect for guests. You can also make it a day or two in advance, then add the puff pastry and pop it in the oven just before your guests arrive and the smell of apples, thyme, savory pork and puff pastry will make your house smell mouth-watering.

Sunday Supper: Pork & Apple Pot Pie

Winter is the perfect time for a pot pie. Though this may be a departure from the traditional chicken version, it’s a delicious dish that will warm you right up. How can you really go wrong with something covered in puff pastry?

Pork & Apple Pot Pie

1 tbsp. olive oil
3 lb. bone-in pork shoulder
1 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. freshly ground pepper
2 yellow onions, diced
2 cups chicken stock
3 granny smith apples, peeled, cored and sliced
2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves
salt to taste
7 oz puff pastry (I used Dafour brand frozen and it was amazing!)

1 egg
1 tbsp. water

Prep the pork shoulder by trimming any excess fat and sprinkling with salt and pepper on both sides.

Set a large pot or dutch oven over medium-high heat. Once it’s hot, add the olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan and add your pork shoulder. Brown the pork shoulder until a nice char forms, about 8 minutes per side. Remove the pork to a plate.

Add the diced onions to the hot pot and saute until tender, about 5 minutes. Place the pork shoulder back in the pot and add the stock. Once the stock comes to a rapid simmer, cover and reduce the heat to medium-low. Simmer for 1 – 2 hours, turning occasionally, or until the pork is fork-tender.

Preheat the oven to 350° and prepare your egg wash by whisking together the water and egg.

Remove the shoulder to a plate. Using 2 forks, pull the meat apart into large chunks. Discard the bones and add the meat back to the pot. Add the apples and thyme to the pot and turn the heat up to medium-high. Cook until the liquid is almost completely reduced, about 10 minutes. Taste and add salt if needed.

Scoop the contents of pot into an oven-safe baking dish. Cover with the puff pastry, brush with egg wash, and bake for 25 – 30 minutes, or until the pastry is golden brown.

Serve with a big, green salad.

Makes 6 servings.

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  1. Pork and apples in pastry!!!! That’s magical!

  2. ooh, apples and pork, with a puff pastry blanket? i’d cozy up to it :)

  3. I got all hungry just reading this; looks absolutely delicious and you’re right, it’s so easy to make! This is now on my to-make dinner list, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love meat tender enough that you can pull it apart with a fork. Lovely lovely meal, and definitely the kind I like (easy but slow).

  5. This looks and sounds amazing! I love a good, comforting sunday night meal. Esp where puff pastry is involved :-)

  6. Thanks everyone! This is definitely one of my new favorites :)

  7. I can totally imagine whipping this bad boy up in the dead of winter, with a big glass of wine to accompany it. Unfortunately, it’s 70 degrees outside and it’s too warm for me right now. But once the fog rolls in again, I am making this dish! I think I am going to use roasted chicken instead though. I can’t wait :)

  8. this is my sunday lunch dream come true!! the pastry top is perfection and the flavours classic. love it!

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  10. You know I have never been a fan of pot pie… but this one actually looks quite good!

  11. PPILF!

  12. Barr – PPILF! Hahahaha!

  13. This sounds so good and the pork looks perfectly braised.

  14. This looks amazing!!

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  18. oh dear… I feel abit iffy about mixing sweets with savoury. With Asian meals I love my sweet & sour pork (less pineapple), and I can find a bit love of somewhere for lemon chicken, but I have yet to take the full plunge into a dish like this. The idea of it is soo good though! The closest I can think of to having eaten something like this is when I had a toastie filled with tuna & apples for breakfast. that was warming.

  19. This is heavenly, I added some chopped potatoes and green peas and sprinkled the apples, with a little allspice and nutmeg just a touch. OMG! This is the ultimate, comfort food. Just what I was looking for on this freezing, snow day.

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