Baileys, Banana and Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

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What’s better than cold, creamy homemade frozen yogurt? Baileys, Banana and Chocolate Frozen Yogurt. I made some last night and it was good. I mean really, really good. It was all I could do to keep myself from having some for breakfast this morning. Instead, I am impatiently waiting for dessert tonight.

For some reason, bananas have a magical quality that prevents them from getting icy in the freezer. It’s probably why frozen bananas make such delicious delicious smoothies. (Jamba Juice obviously found this out a long while ago.) You can make this frozen yogurt with or without an ice cream maker. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, your frozen yogurt will be a touch icy, but still creamier than you’d expect. It’s the bananas and the Baileys, which keeps it from freezing completely. And some grated chocolate adds a little bit of texture and just the right amount of chocolateyness.

My favorite frozen yogurt to date!

Baileys, Banana Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

1 cup chocolate chips (milk or dark – your preference)
1/2 cup honey
1 cup Baileys Irish Cream
5 small bananas, ripened and refrigerated (don’t worry if they turn a bit brown)
1/2 tsp. fine-grain sea salt
2 cups Greek Yogurt (I used Fage 0%)

Place the chocolate chips in a food processor and pulse until the chocolate resembles large oreo cookie crumbs (which you could also use here if you’ve got them).

Add the remaining ingredients to the food processor and blend until smooth. Use a spatula to gently mix the batter to get the air bubbles out.

If you’re using an ice cream maker, add the batter to the machine and follow your machine’s instructions. If you’re not using an ice cream maker, transfer the batter to a container, tightly seal and freeze for at least 8 hours.

Makes about 4 – 5 cups frozen yogurt, depending on the size of your bananas.


  1. This looks amazing. Do you have a non-alcoholic substitute for the Bailey’s?

  2. This looks ridiculously delicious. Yum!

  3. Lydia – Actually, I don’t have a substitute for the Baileys – I think it’s the reason why the frozen yogurt remains creamy instead of icy. Sorry :(

  4. Oh god. Bailey’s. Could this possibly be better than ice cream w/ Bailey’s alone? I didn’t think it was possible until now.

  5. Sean – Wellllll, nothing’s better than real ice cream. But this is pretty darn good frozen yogurt!

  6. I imagine this is incredibly creamy. I’ve been making “milkshakes” of just bananas and milk that I still can’t believe aren’t actually ice cream.

    Also, chocolate chips, honey, Baileys, bananas, sea salt, Greek yogurt… -sings- these are a few of my favorite things!

  7. wow love the combination!

  8. You have my attention! This looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!

  9. MMMMM I love frozen yogurt and the touch of baileys with this is perfect!

  10. This sounds delicious — I’m going to try it tomorrow! I have kids so I’m not sure they’d love the Baileys, so I’m trying to think of a substitute for me (and Lydia!). Sounds weird, but I’ve noticed egg whites whipped with sugar (what you’d use for Pavlova) doesn’t freeze completely. So maybe I’ll try some thinned out marshmallow cream. I’ll let you know if it works.
    PS: Thanks for such a fab food blog. Your food is so original but really accessible. Love it!

  11. Hey Honey!!

    Thank you for a beautiful post!

    I liked it so much I’ve included in my salute to Chocolate post “12 Hot Ice Cream Recipes You Need to Try”

    I look forward to many other wonderful recipes.


  12. That’s all right, it’s just that I don’t drink, so I don’t like looking for small bottles just to cook with. My husband might have some kahlua, so maybe that will work. Or I’ll just nut up and get the Bailey’s, the flavours sound fab. I really want to put my new ice cream maker to work.

  13. Hi! I love your recipes and this one is just amazing!
    I have one question though. I am from Portugal, and I don’t really know what you mean by greek yogurt… I looked it up on google and I see what it is but I don’t think I can find here available at the supermarket… I’ll look into it.
    In the mean time, is there anything you could suggest to replace the Greek Yoghurt?


  14. Hi Katia – Greek Yogurt is thick, strained yogurt. You can make your own by placing plain yogurt in cheesecloth overnight (in the fridge). It should lose a lot of its water and become thick and creamy.

  15. look so delicious,,,
    hhmm yum yum yum :)

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