Spicy Sausage, Rye Bread & Tart Cherry Stuffing

Spicy Sausage, <a href=buy information pills Rye Bread & Tart Cherry Stuffing” />

We’re skipping Thanksgiving this year. Yep, phimosis it’s true. I’ll be passing on my favorite food holiday. We’re going to Chile instead to explore the lakes and wine country. It’s a fair trade, viagra dosage I think. And just because we’re not making Thanksgiving for 30 people again this year, doesn’t mean that I won’t be making Thanksgiving recipes. In fact, I’ve already made my favorite Carrot Pumpkin Soup and I plan to make it again this week.

Of all the delicious Thanksgiving foods – turkey, gratin, casseroles, sweet potatoes, pies and breads – my most favorite thing on the table is undoubtedly the stuffing. So, when the last-ever issue of Gourmet arrived (so sad) and I spotted a Rye Bread Stuffing, I instantly wanted some. Of course, I didn’t follow the recipe one bit and made my own with spicy sausage and tart dried cherries soaked in cognac. To make it a meal, I stuffed it into roasted acorn squash, but it would be just as good with turkey and gravy.

The stuffing was everything I love about the fall. It was moist on the bottom and crunchy on the top. The rye bread gave it a hint of something interesting, a good contrast to the tart cherries. And some chopped and toasted pecans added that little bit of crunch. I might add a chopped apple next time, too.

I think I’ll have Thanksgiving once a week from now til December. Yum :)


  1. I think you got a pretty awesome trade off for skipping Thanksgiving this year!

    Good looking dish. Kind of a sweet/sour/tart combo from all of the ingredients. Real hearty too which is perfect for these chilly autumn days.

  2. Sean – Thanks :) I can’t wait for Chile. Never been to South America.

    And I long for chilly weather! We’re still breaking 90 most days. Hopefully, it’ll cool down soon.

  3. I saw the recipe in Gourmet as well and bookmarked it.
    I love how you made it your own and stuffed acorn squash!
    Have a wonderful trip in Chile!

  4. As much as I LOVE Thanksgiving, I would definitely trade it for a Chilean vacation! Enjoy!
    Oh, and your stuffing looks heavenly!

  5. How did you know I was looking for something to do with my two acorn squash? This sounds perfect. I saw this recipe in Gourmet as well and was thinking it sounded delicious. have fun in Chile!

  6. This looks EXCELLENT. And I just bought dried cherries and was wondering what to do with them.

  7. Looks oh so delicious ! thanks for the wonderful recipe !

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  9. wow, lucky you! Disfruta chile, la comida y los vinitos

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