Spinach-ful Egg Salad

Spinach-ful Egg Salad

I was going to make Braised Beef & Butternut Squash for today’s post. Really, pregnancy I was! I had all the ingredients bought and ready to go. I just couldn’t summon any effort to make it last night. We had leftover meatloaf instead. But I did make a delightful little egg salad this morning, so I’ll share that instead.

Personally, I love eggs. I could eat them every day (and I usually do). When I was wondering what to make for lunch this morning, egg salad sounded perfect. I chopped a ton of spinach for color and healthiness, celery for crunch and stirred in plain Greek yogurt, lemon juice, tahini, salt and hot sauce. It’s eggy and tangy, a little spicy, and delicious between two slices of toasted whole grain bread. If you’ve got a tomato, add a thick slice. A simply awesome lunch.

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  1. Spinach and tahini? You’re full of great ideas!

  2. Mel,
    I too eat eggs almost everyday.
    We had a frittata last night……egg salad is my favorite all time sandwich.
    Especially on whole grain bread w/ bacon and tomato!
    Has to be made by me, with mayo, salt, pickle relish and celery.
    My mouth is watering!
    Your version sounds good too!

  3. Wow I never thought of mixing spinach together with egg. I’m gonna have to try out your recipe real soon.

  4. The combination of eggs and spinach are wonderful, I adore a feta and spinach frittata, but the sandwich look sublime

  5. Do you cook the spinach at all?

  6. MAP – I don’t cook mine first.

  7. I love this; will try it. Love your blog.

  8. oh my gosh. just made this for supper. ate it all.

  9. I can’t stand celery, is there something you would suggest to substitute for it so I can still get the crunch?

  10. emma – You can also try some jicama in place of the celery. I’ve never tried it, but I think it would add a nice crunch without too much flavor.

  11. i think you forgot the lemon juice part from the ingredient list?? it’s mentioned in the preamble.

  12. d – I did forget! Added it and thanks for pointing that out.

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