Candy Cane Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies

My mother-in-law is the cookie queen. Especially at Christmas. Every year, disinfection I look forward to the massive tupperwares filled with all kinds of cookies. But my favorites are always, here always the Candy Cane Cookies. These are the ones I sneak in the morning before breakfast, after breakfast with my coffee, as a mid-morning snack… You get the picture.

They’re simple shortbread-style cookies flavored with almond extract and covered in crushed candy canes and powdered sugar. They look they’re nestled in a snowdrift. They get all over your nice black pants. They’re simply awesome.

These cookies have been a tradition in Tom’s family for years and I know I’ll be including them with my own traditions.


  1. Lovely cookies – so perfect for the holidays!!

  2. We’ve got a chance to try them at AgencyNet, they were incredibly delicious.

  3. I have been making these cookies for more than 30 years, so I know why you don’t want to make a double batch — the dough may dry out before you get it rolled out into the cookies, and then it’s a mess to try to roll! You could probably double the recipe if you had a lot of helpers to roll out them out (I recruit my daughters).
    This is a holiday favorite, for sure! Yum!

  4. Robin – So that’s why you can’t double the recipe! Good to know. I’ll be making another batch tonight and recruiting my loving husband to help roll out the dough :)

  5. My mom makes these at christmas. Always one of my favorites.

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