Stuffed Polenta

Stuffed Polenta

I have no time for a lengthy post today, urologist so I’ll let the picture speak for itself. (Hello delicious melty cheese!) Basically, pathopsychology this dish is polenta (that’s corn grits to you Southern Folk) that’s been left to cool, then cut into pieces and layered with a spicy sausage and eggplant tomato sauce and ricotta and mozzarella cheese. It’s creamy and spicy and corn-y and delicious!

Go make it now!


  1. YUM! I was just wondering what to make for dinner tonight…

  2. this looks wonderful – i do goats cheese semolina gnocchi which is similar to your polenta pieces. i love the idea of making toppings for this, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This looks sooooo good. I found your blog for the first time this week and have really been enjoying your recipe and photos.

    I made your Rosemary Fried Almonds tonight and showcased them on the Saturday Blog Showcase being hosted by Lori of All that Splatters.

    The almonds are almost addictive. Thank you.

  4. wanna try this recipe looks so delicious

  5. Lovely recipe going to try it

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