Chickpea, Sausage & Kale Pasta

Chickpea, <a href=buy Sausage & Kale Pasta” />

Last week I was driving home from work and thinking about what to make for dinner. We hadn’t been to the grocery store in over a week, esophagitis so there wasn’t much to work with – 3 kinds of mustard, viagra 40mg 2 kinds of jam, 5 types of hot sauce, pickles, sauerkraut, eggs. I was thinking we might just have to have fried eggs with sauerkraut and condiments, when I called my mom and mentioned my sad situation. I wasn’t fishing for a dinner offer. Truly, I wasn’t!

Chickpea, Sausage & Kale Pasta

But then she told me she had a big pot of leftover pasta with chickpeas, sausage and kale and did I want to swing by and pick some up? Chickpeas, sausage and kale? On pasta? Sounds like a most perfect dinner (especially the night before a 5 mile run). And it was! The chickpeas were nicely toasted in olive oil, giving the dish a slightly nutty flavor. Sausage, kale, tomatoes and garlic round it out perfectly.

I loved it so very much that I made it again yesterday. It’s everything I could ever want in a weeknight dinner or lunch.

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  1. Kale and sausage with pasta has always been one of my favorite combos. It sounds delicious with chickpeas!

  2. Gotta love it when mom come sto the rescue. This is one of my favorite combos! Sometimes I skip the pasta and just go for plenty of yummy sausage and kale and chick peas. Lately, though, I’ve been tryiong to eat more whole grains so have been stirring sauteed kale, cooked sausage and roasted chick peas into barley. Super tasty!

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