Pork Tenderloin with Agrodolce Fennel Sauce

Pork Tenderloin with Agrodolce Fennel Sauce

By now you’ve probably figured out that 90% of my marinades use orange juice. What can I say? I’m a Cuban from Florida. Orange juice runs through my veins. It also makes the most delicious meat. For today’s recipe, ask I marinated a pork tenderloin in orange juice and soy sauce using one my favorite time-saving tricks. As soon as you bring your tenderloin home, tablets place it in a seal-able plastic bag with soy sauce and juice and peel of a navel orange. Poof! Perfectly marinated meat as soon as it thaws. Works great with chicken, beef and pork. I’ve also poured a half a beer in when marinating skirt steak – delicious!

Pork Tenderloin with Agrodolce Fennel Saucev

I cooked up the tenderloin in the usual way – seared then finished in a very hot oven. Meanwhile, I made a fennel agrodolce sauce to go with it. Agrodolce means “sour and sweet” and is an Italian sauce usually made by cooking onions with vinegar and sugar. I had some farm-fresh fennel that I knew would be great with the pork, so that went in, too. The onions and fennel are sauteed in butter and reduced with balsamic vinegar and sugar.

Agrodolce sauce is a great way to dress up pork tenderloin. If you’ve never tried it, I think you should. It’s sweet and tangy and adds just the right amount of flavor to an otherwise dull tenderloin.

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  1. A friend suggested we find sour oranges to make a great pork marinade. We’re looking for some oranges! Maybe we can try them in this recipe.

  2. Sour oranges make a GREAT marinade. Pretty much every Cuban dish has some kind of sour orange in it, but I’ve never seen them outside of Miami. Usually combining half orange juice and half lime juice gives a very similar flavor.

  3. Wow, this looks amazing! Onions plus balsamic vinegar sounds pretty awesome. Also, your pictures are making me hungry even though I just finished dinner and dessert.

  4. This dish looks amazing. I love pork, so I am sure it is delicious. Thanks for the orange juice/soy sauce tip.

  5. I just discovered your site this week (a blog I follow suggested the fennel crab soup and I was immediately hooked, since I grew up in Oregon and now live in AZ). I went through and marked all of the delicious dishes I want to try – I came with alot! I am making the chicken enchilada casserole tonight (I know it’s 107 degrees here today, but craving comfort food!) Can’t wait to try it, it’s in the oven now, and a ton of other recipes for the hot summer grill! Thanks again!
    PS, love your photography, I am totally getting a new camera!!!

  6. I am definitely trying this, Mel! Hope you are well .

  7. What a great idea, to marinate the meat as it thaws. Very clever!

  8. Made this last night. Fabulous!! What an inspired idea to marinate the pork as it thaws — and with such a simple, but flavor filled marinade.
    Love your website!

  9. Wow wow WOW that looks amazing!!!

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