Thai Curry Mussels

Thai Curry Mussels

musselsThose of you who know me, capsule know that I have a rambunctious puppy named Mussels. Why Mussels? Well, advice we wanted to name her something food-related and she was the runt of the litter. We thought Mussels would be funny. Little did we know, diagnosis Mussels is the perfect name for a 10-pound terrier who thinks she’s a 90-pound Pit Bull. She sure is cute though!

Another reason for the name: we love mussels. You know, the bivalves. They’re briny and tender and are usually accompanied by a slurp-worthy bowl of broth. And this broth was definitely worth slurping. Coconut milk and curry paste, cilantro and lime. It was even better than the chorizo-infused broth I usually make. You know it’s good if I prefer it to chorizo.

If you’re not into mussels, this broth would also be a very delicious way to poach shrimp, or eat with noodles, or drink from a cup…

**I really, really love my Le Creuset 9 qt. pot. It’s the most amazing pot I have. Great for soups, braising, no-knead bread, etc. Get one here:

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  1. Wow Mel, this looks delicious! I know what I’m making soon! :D

  2. This looks fantastic, definitely have to try this. I’ve never had mussles before, but I love Thai food. And your pup is adorable!

  3. You had me at red curry paste and coconut milk, two of my favorites. Another good, clean, combination, but a bit spicy is sliced jalapenos, a bit of stock, and live mussels. Good work.

  4. Yummy. This recipe looks great. I always make mine the traditional french way moules mariniere…. but this looks perfect for a change. Lovely!

  5. I do, I do love mussels! I appreciate your preciciment, chorizo vs. curry….. it’s a tough one. This sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for… all of my life. Who me, dramatic?
    Thank you so much for the recipe. I really will be trying it and enjoying it very soon!

  6. Love mussels and Thai style curry! I will definitely try this. Mussels the puppy is very cute and I love his name. I made your tomato/goat cheese tart last week for a party and it was a big hit.

  7. These look scrumptious! I’m always surprised at how easy it is to make mussels. Yum.

  8. This looks awesome!

  9. That looks AMAZING — love that flavor combo, and I never met a bowl of mussels I didn’t like.

    And that is the sweetest little puppy face!!!

  10. This looks and sounds so delicious. As does the goat cheese/heirloom tomato tart, nice job!

    I made your buffalo/sweet potato pizza last week, it was a HUGE hit. Thanks!

  11. Love the pup! I just came across you web site and I love it. But I must admit, I was intrigued by the name. You might have heard this before but check out a band called The Dead Milkmen. They have a song by the same name “Bitchin’ Camero”.
    Just thought I’d share.

  12. This looks beautiful and I love the idea of mussels and thai flavors.

    Your pup is super cute too!

  13. Oh man this looks delicious! And your photographs are beautiful! Everything here looks great!
    I recently launched my own blog, I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! :) Thanks!

  14. Great recipe–been looking for a good one. I adapted it for shrimp & worked great! Thanks!

  15. Just made it – awesome recipe! I used a little less coconut milk, added roasted butternut squash and some shrimp to make it into a full meal. It was amazing!
    Thanks for sharing – love your work!

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  17. can i just say that my boyfriend and i have made this recipe that we found on your site over 10+times?! we absolutely love it. we live in Boston, and have good seafood constantly available. this meal something we have at least once a month. thank you thank you thank you for the creating/posting our favorite dinner.

  18. Alexandra – Thanks! So glad you guys enjoy it. I used to live in Boston and I love that city :)

  19. i told you we love your mussels.

    we were finally able to do a blog post on your recipe! hope you have time to check it out.

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