Meatballs with Roasted Pepper Tomato Sauce

Meatballs with Roaster Pepper Tomato Sauce

I’m not sure why, unhealthy but I find meatballs to be one of life’s great delicacies. Maybe it’s because it takes so long to season, shape, brown and bake them that by the time I actually get to taste them, they are simply delicious. Maybe it’s because I usually make them as an appetizer to serve with other small plates and my taste buds love variety. Maybe I just really like meatballs.

Whatever it is about them, these were among the best I’ve made. I used a mixture of ground pork and lamb and seasoned them simply with salt, pepper and Italian parsley. I also added some bread soaked in warm milk to keep them super moist. I brushed the top with a thick sauce of piquillo peppers, tomato paste, anchovies and smoked paprika that was sweet and smoky, piquant and salty. A sauce that caramelizes over the meatballs in the oven so that they emerge bright and fragrant and super flavorful.

I wish I had more of these right now. That salad I had for lunch isn’t cutting it when I have meatballs on the brain…


  1. i like what you’re working with here. we’re moving in less than a month, which means clean out the freezer. i have a pound of ground beef that i intend to use for my first meatball endeavor. hope i have the same reaction to mine as you did yours!



  2. Funny thing is that I find meatballs easy to make and think I make them kick ass.

    Other thing is I think it is hard to find good meatballs made by others.

  3. Oh my! These look super fantastic. And I really like the idea of serving them as an appetizer. I mean, obviously they’re awesome with a big plate of spaghetti, but there’s something great about the idea of eating these from toothpicks. Delightful.

  4. I like your idea of brushing the meatballs with a thick, tasty paste, rather than cooking them in a tomato sauce. I imagine the texture of the meat and the intensity of the sauce is improved this way. – S

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  6. Man, my grandmother was Italian and she made the most delicious meatballs I ever tasted, like you had died and gone to meatball heaven. Sadly, she didnt leave a single recipe for us so I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own… slowly working my through the meatball recipes here, I still cant figure out what her secret ingredient was though!!!

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