Thanksgiving Recipes

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. I have no excuse other than I’ve been busy and haven’t had much time to cook. I’ll definitely be cooking this weekend though, information pills so look forward to new winter-friendly recipes next week. For today, I thought I’d post all of my Thanksgiving recipes in case anyone is still working on their menu.

Rosemary Dates Wrapped in Bacon
Rosemary Dates Wrapped in Bacon
Super easy crowd-pleaser.

Carrot Pumpkin Soup

Quite possibly the best soup I’ve ever made. Spiked with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper and topped with olive oil and crushed hazelnuts. A perfect starter.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Roulade
Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Roulade
Stuffed with caramelized onions and figs, goat cheese, cranberries and chopped toasted pecans. Not traditional, but easy to prep, easy to cook and easy to slice and serve.

Spicy Sausage, Rye Bread & Tart Cherry Stuffing
Spicy Sausage, Rye Bread & Tart Cherry Stuffing
Sweet, sour and spicy. The three things every stuffing should be.

Vanilla & Pear Crumble Pie
Vanilla & Pear Crumble Pie
Vanilla and cinnamon compliment that pears, and the crumble top is toasty and crunchy and delicious.


  1. GREAT alternative recipes! I love them all but particularly the Spicy Sausage, Rye Bread & Tart Cherry Stuffing. Also anything wrapped in bacon is a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the soup and the stuffing! definitely going to try them. btw, made the chorizo, chickpea & sweet potato soup and it’s DELICIOUS.

  3. Great ideas – will definitely be trying the dates as well as the stuffing! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving :)

  4. Lovely recipes. Love the dates w/bacon. I like the stuffing in acorn squash idea, too. I’m so tired of the same Thanksgiving meal year after after year. 60+ years of the same turkey dinner! Enough, wouldn’t you say? I do not like left-overs and am going to make dinner that everyone will love – after they are through complaining about not having the “usual.”

    No mashed taters and gravy this year!!

  5. All these look amazing!

    Sadly I’m receiving my in laws this year and they expect a very traditional meal…

    maybe next year!

  6. What great ideas, thanks for the repost!

    I’m not really sure how anyone can actually solidify their Thanksgiving menus with so many great ideas kicking around. I know I need to just sit down and make some decisions so I can start some advanced prep work.

  7. Fantastic shots, great and amazing look with delicious describing.
    Greetings from Germany – moni

  8. I made the bacon wrapped dates but filled some with herbed goat cheese and some with almonds. The goat cheese mix was excellent and broiled them 3-5 minutes on each side rather than baked because I didn’t have enough time, they turned out perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Mouthwatering recipes and great pictures!
    A question – any idea what could I substitute fresh cranberries for in the recipe for turkey roulade? Where I live we can only get dried cranberries…

  10. made your soup and acorn/stuffing last year for thxgiving. so awesome. bringing it back this year. thanks!

  11. Natasa – You can use dried cranberries or dried cherries soaked in apple juice.

  12. Are you sure 5 pears is enuf for a full pie? I am making this for Thanksgiving and want to make sure this isnt a typo.

  13. Carrie – I used 5 big pears. You might want to have a 6th on hand, but the crumble top is really big. Unless you have a deep pie dish, 5 pears should work.

    This year, I’m doing the same pie with 2 pears, 2 granny smith apples.

  14. Geez, I have no idea which recipe to start with first, they all look so positively scrumptious! Maybe Thanksgiving will get a rerun this year.

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