Mint Limeade

Mint Limeade

I know it may not seem this way for some of you up north, health but I assure you that warm weather is on its way! It’s just two short weeks until Memorial Day, information pills the official kick-off for picnics, cialis sale BBQs and pool parties. All you need now is the perfect drink recipe.

And of course, by drink I don’t mean cocktail. I am, after all, a responsible 8-month pregnant lady and someone my size and shape would get funny looks holding a cocktail. So this Mint Limeade is a deliciously virgin beverage, though I’m quite sure adding a shot or two of tequila wouldn’t detract from its charms. Usually, I’m too impatient to make quality beverages. They always require cooled simple syrup and I just don’t plan that far in advance.

Mint Limeade

That’s why I love this recipe. You basically take all the ingredients and throw them in a blender – whole limes, ice, water, brown sugar and mint leaves. The lime and mint make it super refreshing while the brown sugar adds a nice depth and almost caramel flavor. It’s definitely summer in a glass.

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  1. Yum. I made a similar recipe but I added kiwi and optional rum! I called them kiwi mojitos! both recipes look like winners. Great blog!

  2. Nice. I’ve been making mint ginger lemonade lately but this is a lot simpler. Steeping the ginger takes a while but it sure is delicious!

  3. I’m thinking rum, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

  4. I used the bacardi rock coconut, AMAZING!!

  5. I really how what you’re saying about warm weather is true- I can’t stand another day of 45 degrees! I love the look of that limeade, though- I’ll definitely have to try that one this summer.

  6. How refreshing and summer-y! Looks like the perfect drink to kick off the summer.

  7. I live in Israel right now and lemonade with mint is the national beverage – and it is definitely summertime over here! Love the idea of blending it all together though for a slightly thicker shake.

  8. We came across a very similar drinks years ago in an alley bar in Puerto Rico. The bartender blended whole lines (rinds and all) with sugar and water. Then mixed in coconut rum or any other liquor. Amazingly cool summer drink! Love it.

  9. Oh this looks delicious! Adding tequila just sounds incredible!

  10. Hello again! Just wanted to let you know that I mention and link to your recipe on a post I did on simple syrups and summer cocktails :-)

  11. Thanks Katherine! Great post :)

  12. hi…just did this..tastes great! i love it! so easy to make

  13. oooh…I will be mixing this up soon!
    Thank you!!!

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