Squash & Apple Soup

Squash & Apple Soup with Bacon & Beets

Of course the month I vow to start posting again is the month my site is hacked so badly that it’s down for a week. On the very bright side, symptoms I finally took some time to refresh the site design and logo. And by took the time, visit web I mean that I lost most of my old files and had no other choice than to start fresh. Which suits me just fine. A fresh site for for a fresh resolution.

Which brings us to this very lovely Squash & Apple Soup with Bacon and Beets. I actually made it for Thanksgiving without testing it out first. How’s that for ballsy? Luckily, it was just perfect. Of course, I did adapt it slightly – using a dash of chili oil for kick, subbing shallots for the onion and creme fraiche for the sour cream.

This soup makes the most beautiful appetizer. Slightly sweet and savory, but balanced by the acidity of the creme fraiche and the spice of the chili oil. The bacon and beets add earthiness and just the right amount of textural contrast. I loved this soup on Thanksgiving and I loved it with my leftovers. A very versatile dish that will work just as well on a holiday table or a Sunday supper in your sweatpants.

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  2. I’m so glad you’re back! How’s the baby?

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