espresso pork tenderloin & smoked paprika sweet potato fries

espresso pork tenderloin & smoked paprika sweet potato fries

I love french fries. When my parents took me to France as a teen (with an unfortunate curly-fro), sildenafil I saw a french fry sandwich. A french fry sandwich? Yep. Fries stuffed into a baguette and smeared with mayo. It was a beautiful sandwich. Very healthy.

Anyway, I’m always looking for ways to make fries at home that are healthy and tasty. Not just regular tasty, but the addictive, can’t-stop-eating-them tasty of a real french fry. Last night I made a batch of sweet potato fries spiked with smoked paprika, lime zest and a ton of freshly ground pepper. Usually the sweet potato is far too sweet for me, but the citrus and spices cut the sweetness nicely. They were definitely addictive.

Sweet potatoes are also “good carbs” with a low glycemic index and a high nutritional content, so i don’t even feel that bad about eating my entire portion and half of Tom’s. Not one bit.

I served these alongside an espresso-rubbed pork tenderloin, which was bold and a bit spicy. A simple weekday meal.