super-layered lasagne


The wedding diet is starting to wear on me. All the fish, sale salad, and veggies — although marvelous — have left me with a yearning for anything carbohydrate. Or more specifically, for pasta. Loads of it.

Last night I decided to curb that pasta craving with Lasagne. A many-layered thing of homemade tomato sauce, red onions, ricotta and fresh spinach. I’d originally wanted to make inidividual-sized lasagnes in their own small dishes, so that all edges would be browned and bubbly like a corner piece. Alas, I had no individual-sized baking dishes (as they are all packed tightly in boxes), so I opted for the standard size.

Since I didn’t use any meat, the lasagne was really light — almost fluffy! Next time I’ll substitute wild mushrooms for the red onion, which was part of my original plan, but Tom forgot to buy mushrooms. Individual lasagnes would also have raised the tastiness factor exponentially. I’ll try to procure some individual baking dishes next time I make this.


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