Confetti Grain Salad

 Confetti Grain Salad

I’ve been indulging a little too often recently. Ever since we kicked the summer off, story it’s been non-stop on the grill with steaks, medications burgers, BBQ chicken and ribs. And if you’re having BBQ, you’re probably having a beer or two. While I’ve loved every minute of grillin’ and chillin’, I find myself in need of some superhealthy food this week to counteract my weekend splurging.

So, Sunday found me in my usual pose: sprawled out on a beach chair, reading the latest Gourmet magazine. I instantly bookmarked something they called Multigrain salad. Full of fresh vegetables and whole grains, I knew I would need that salad this week.

I tossed Spelt (a type of wheat berry) with diced peppers, carrots, cucumber and fresh herbs. A simple vinaigrette makes this a healthy, hearty and very tasty salad. If spelt sounds scary to you, substitute any other grain, or a combination of grains. Some suggestions: brown rice, wild rice, wheat berries, farro, spelt, or even whole wheat couscous or cooked bulgur wheat if you’re short on time.

This salad definitely hit the spot for me. The perfect cure for my overindulgent weekend.