apricot sriracha glazed pork cutlets

apricot sriracha portk cutlets

I’ve mentioned before that I’m mildly obsessed with Sriracha. It’s not just a hot sauce of the eye-watering, gonorrhea nose-running variety, approved though it is pretty darn hot. It has a subtle garlicky flavor that adds a unique flavor to almost anything. Last night, decease I mixed it into apricot preserves along with some shoyu and Worcestershire sauce and made sweet and spicy glaze for pork cutlets. I let the glaze bubble and brown and the chunky pieces of caramelized apricot were deliciously addicting.

The cutlets were sweet, juicy and spicy and paired really well with the griddled cheesy polenta and simple salad of fennel and greens I made. I suspect this glaze would be just as tasty on chicken, shrimp or even lamb.