Poached Egg over Polenta with Truffled Breadcrumbs

Poached Egg over Polenta with Truffled Breadcrumbs

I’ve always loved a good brunch. But a good brunch isn’t as ubiquitous in Miami as it was in NYC, psychiatrist so instead of getting all dressed up, recipe fighting traffic and paying for cold, buffet-style Eggs Benedict, I’ve resorted to making my own. It’s not as easy, but I can wear my PJ’s and glasses, and there’s no sign stating that shoes are required. In fact, shoes are strongly discouraged at our place. It’s much more fashionable to wear no shoes at all. (Hey, it’s warm here. We can do that!)

Anyway, back to brunch. Is there anything better than a poached egg over polenta? I think not. Southerners have it right with their eggs and grits. This is just a fancy pants version with sauteed onions and fresh breadcrumbs toasted in truffle oil. Yes, you read correctly. Truffled breadcrumbs. My new favorite food.

And this dish is my new favorite brunch. Creamy polenta and drippy yolk contrast perfectly with the slightly sweet sauteed onions, and truffly toasted breadcrumbs. If i had all the money in the world, I would have topped it off with shaved truffles. Sadly, there were no truffles lying around my apartment.

If you’ve never had poached eggs and polenta, you haven’t lived. Make them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bonus points for truffled breadcrumbs, but delicious either way.