Thanksgiving Test Recipe: Rosemary Dates Wrapped in Bacon

Thanksgiving Test Recipe: Rosemary Dates Wrapped in Bacon

I thought all of my Thanksgiving Test Recipes were done, cystitis but I got inspired to make these little hors’ d’oeuvres this morning and decided to share, in case anyone was still looking for some appetizer ideas. I still have the dates that Oh! Nuts sent me awhile back and everyone loves a bacon-wrapped date, and especially one that’s been stuffed with rosemary.

I tested a couple of these out while I was baking pies (many, many pies), and they were as delicious as I’d thought they’d be. They’re really easy to make – just stuff the dates with rosemary leaves, wrap in bacon and bake for a half hour. An easy hors’ d’oeuvre that’s still impressive and addictive.

Rosemary Dates Wrapped in Bacon

About 40 Medjool dates (I got mine from Oh! Nuts)
1 package of peppered, center-cut bacon, slices cut in half (about 40 half slices)
a big bunch of rosemary

Preheat the oven to 375°. Pit the dates by cutting a slit into one side and removing the pit. Stuff a few rosemary leaves into the date, then wrap with the halved bacon slices. You can close them with a toothpick, or not (I didn’t have any).

Bake for 30 – 35 minutes, or until the bacon is browned and crisp. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 10 minutes before serving.


  1. ooh, they’re also good stuffed with almonds :) happy thanksgiving!

  2. Nicholle Carter says:

    I love these. They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yum! I usually stuff mine with either cheese or nuts, but never rosemary. How interesting!

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  5. I have never seen this before, I am looking forward to trying these out in September with fresh medjool dates.

  6. I wonder if you could use some precooked bacon and cook this faster. Like the precooked bacon they sell at costco. It has less fat and it cooks to a nice crisp much faster.

  7. Jan Armstrong says:

    Hi, Melissa,

    I love gourmet/delicatessen type places too….! I’m a cheese-aholic!!

    I will use your marvellous date and bacon nibble at the jewellery party that I – foolishly – put my hand up to host. I was panicking, not knowing what to offer people. Thank you!!

  8. Jan Armstrong says:

    ..sorry….just noticed that you like stout….me too! Love a nice glass of Guinness! I think it would go great with the date’n’bacon nibble, too.

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  11. Never had this, but I love bacon! Anything wrapped in bacon is the best! And bacon is the candy of meat ;) haha

  12. Oh wow this is very unique, I’ll have to try this recipe soon!!! Looks like it’d go great with a nice filet and red wine :)

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  14. OK, Melissa, I’m finally unsubscribing from your blog’s RSS feed. I’m tired of all this drool winding up on my keyboard.

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