White Bean Soup with Mini Lamb Meatballs

White Bean Soup with Mini Lamb Meatballs

They tell me it’s fall. Actually, advice I know it’s fall because the ice cream shop was serving pumpkin and chocolate pecan pie flavors. I know it’s fall because of college football and baseball playoffs and Octoberfest. But it actually feels nothing like fall down here. It’s all record highs and stifling humidity. And mosquitos. Sigh. At least we have the beach. I’ll always be happy at the beach.

But just because it’s hot, and that doesn’t mean that I’m not in the mood for fall flavors like squash and pumpkin and cranberries. And I’m always in the mood for soup, web so this week I made a simple white bean soup with mini lamb meatballs. This is definitely a soup that’s a meal. White beans, dark green Lacinato kale, whole wheat pasta and ricotta lamb meatballs. Very hearty. Very fall-like. I’ll just close my eyes and pretend the leaves are changing…

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  1. Where are the white beans?

  2. Jill – Eeeek! Forgot an ingredient! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll update now :)

  3. —will be 87 here tomorrow, so I know what you mean about tricking yourself into believing its no longer summer….but who says you can’t eat soup with the a/c cranked? Looks delicious!

  4. Ariana from Chicago says:

    Looks delicious. Around here, they are saying it’s possible snow by Monday. I so wish I was flip flopping around Miami right now!

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  6. wow, it looks incredible. It’s definitely fall here (in Berlin). It might even be considered winter where you come from.. 48 degs right now. i want this soup!

  7. It is definitely feeling like Fall where I am, and this soup looks like a perfect weeknight meal for the family. I even have some chard left in the garden that will stand-in nicely for the kale, thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful photos! And this soup looks delicious. Even though it is late April now, we are still looking at 40°F temperatures, so it is kind of like Miami—in the bizzaro world.
    Great site!

  9. made the soup using some leftover farro and used mini meatballs instead of sausage. Tasted yummy on a cold Easter Sunday!

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