Spanokopita (Spinach Pie)

Spanokopita (Spinach Pie)

I don’t know how much you know about Detroit, online but pretty much every diner in the Detroit Metro area serves Greek food, which means you can get Greek Salad, Gyros, Tzatziki, Lemon Rice Soup, Saganaki (Greek fried cheese) and Spanokopita anytime, anywhere. It’s amazing. We always hit up Leo’s Coney Island when we’re in town and I can’t wait to get my fix when we’re there for Christmas.

So, it turns out, Tom loves Spanokopita. This was news to me since he almost always gets the Gyro or the Greek salad or the Lemon Rice Soup. Never the spinach pie. Nonetheless, I was craving a good Spinach pie with a flaky filo crust, so I got to work.

Spanokopita (Spinach Pie)

I made a simple stuffing with sauteed onions, garlic, spinach, lemon and good feta cheese. I also didn’t add filo to the bottom of the baking dish because it always gets soggy. Tell me, what is the point of filo dough if it isn’t crisp and flaky? But don’t worry, I added a few extra sheets to the top to made up for it.

It was everything I could ever ask for in a light lunch or snack – flaky, flavorful, full of good stuff and delicious.

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  1. This was already one of my favorite things to eat. Now it’s one of my favorite things to look at. Photo set is gorgeous!

  2. I love spanakopita! I will have to try your version; brushing the filo with olive oil. My recipe calls for loads of butter, while delicious, I feel guilty eating it! Thank you!

  3. wow this looks amazing!

  4. this was AMAZING, thank you so much for posting this, i just made it! WOW, so flavorful and perfect, tastes like homemade spinach pie from a local restaurant! my family could not stop eating it!

  5. OMG!! R U from Detroit and moved to Miami? Or do you have a ton of your Greek family(if U R Greek?) living in the Tri-County Area of Detroit? U R so right, even non-Greek restaurants serve it or saganaki too!! OMMPA!! LOL Either U R Greek or have very close Greek friends/family. I am from the Metro Detroit area….more south of Detroit, known as Downriver…but you aren’t joking! We are also known for our Coney’s and coney dogs…and the majority of every coney place around town and plus…are Greek family owned!! But U rn’t joking about the Day–T-wah….area, for sure!! :)

  6. Jill – I am not from Detroit, but my husband is and we go visit all the time. Love the Greek diners there :)

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