Spinach, Steak & Artichoke Pasta

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A couple of months ago, pestilence I posted a recipe for Flank Steak Stuffed with Spinach, pestilence Feta & Artichokes. It was a very pretty dish that I enjoyed thoroughly, so I thought I’d take the same idea and turn it into a full meal. And as most of you probably realize, I love pasta. Of course, I would turn that recipe into a pasta dish at my earliest opportunity.

Sliced flank steak, roasted red onion, artichoke hearts, spinach and feta cheese all tossed with olive oil and pasta and baked until crisp. It’s a not typical casserole-style dish. Not super creamy or gooey, but I love the texture of the baked noodles. (Especially picking them off the top of the casserole dish when no one’s looking.) If you’re short on time, or just feeling lazy, you can definitely skip the casserole dish and the extra baking time. Either way, it’s one of those simple, delicious dishes everyone will love.

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  1. Yum! This looks so good! Gorgeous photo too :)

  2. Why have I never thought to put steak into a pasta dish? Lots of great flavors here, I will love it! – S

  3. First time seeing steak and pasta together, but it seems like it’d all work mixed together.

  4. Hello! Yum! Am gonna make this one very soon! Beautiful picture too!

  5. I love this recipe & have made it twice in the past month. I typically am not a cook so this will be my “safe” recipe for when we have company over. yum yum.

  6. I made this tonight after a week of making myself hungry enough for pasta, in copious amounts.
    THIS TURNED OUT AMAZING!! I followed the recipe almost to a T (I added some Puttanesca sauce instead of the 1/2 cup pasta water, and put some fresh mozzarella cheese into the mix with the feta.) I also had to make it with Gluten-Free noodles (I have Celiac’s)…I will be making this as a go to from now on. Its SO simple and so tasty. You can’t go wrong.

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