Potato & Kale Gratin

Potato & Kale Gratin

Do any of you watch Modern Family? I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, contagion but it’s one of the few shows I make sure to DVR. Phil is one of the more ridiculous and amazing characters of all time. If you’ve never seen it, I recommend catching last season on abc.com. Anyway, last week’s show featured Mitchell coming home from the farmer’s market with some dour news. “Did you know that spinach is out? Spinach is out and Kale is in.” And then later, “Kale is really more of a garnish.”

Being someone who’s mildly obsessed with food, I loved this little bit of commentary. Kale really is in – it’s everywhere. (Spinach is sooo out, apparently.) Good thing I love the stuff, though I know some people are not into dark leafy greens. If you’ve got a picky eater in your family, or you’re just trying to work more greens into your diet, then this is the recipe for you. I’m telling you, no one can resist creamy potatoes topped with melty, browned cheese. The tender bits of kale give it some textural interest and provide beautiful color (in addition to all the healthy stuff).

A great dish to make now while it’s still cold out and it seems like this winter will never end. And because Kale is in, you know?


  1. Lol! You are so right about kale being ‘in’…especially those kale chips – they’re everywhere!
    There’s no escaping the kale this year. Thankfully it’s so fantastically healthy I don’t mind this kale kraze a bit!

  2. This looks delicious. I still have winter kale growing in my garden that I will use for this recipe. But where’s our Mardi Gras recipe? Today is Fat Tuesday and I’m hungry for Jambalaya…

  3. that part on MF cracked me up too! This looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I want this in my life now. I’ve been dreaming up gratin recipes and “potato bakes” and I think you’ve just hit it straight on the head. My only thing is, where’s the bacon? I think I’ll need to add that to this business. Mmm.

  5. I was looking for something new to make this weekend, but I might have to make it sooner!!! Sounds delicious! Thanks!

  6. I’ve never met a green leafy veggie I didn’t like, but kale is def my fav. I even liked it before it was the cool kid on the block. ;)
    I’m glad more people are on the kale bandwagon. GO Kale!
    this looks perfect for our fam!

  7. yum! we loved that show and I have actually been talking about what I could make with kale since we watched it…I guess I need to watch less tv! ha. I’m making this for my family tonight!

  8. I was going to get on here and leave a comment telling you what a bad influence you are-making me want to eat cheese and potatoes while watching TV-

    …but then I kind of thought of adding bacon crumbles to it and decided you’re not so bad.

    p.s. I don’t think I could ever give up spinach :o)

  9. I love both spinach and kale, though I have much better luck growing kale than spinach. I’ll have to keep this recipe handy for when my garden is overflowing with the stuff this summer. Also gonna try making kale chips which I hear are fabulous. Have you ever made them? – S

  10. Kale is totally in. I’ve been obsessed with kale chips recently. Just wanted to let you know that I tried your Thai curry mussels recipe and posted about it on my blog! It was diivine.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Oui, Chef – Yes! I love kale chips. I’m actually making some tonight. Highly recommend you try them soon.

  12. OMG I so was amused with that line from the show. I wondered if it meant anything to anyone else! It seems Kale is everywhere!!! Such Foodies!
    Thanks again for your recipes and writing, very enjoyable!

  13. I just made this last night, and it was so much better than I even expected. I used a mixture of both cheeses and that’s definitely the way to go. The cheese got crispy around the potatoes that stuck up the highest, but was gooey everywhere else. The kale, which I normally do not care for, was my favorite part. Red kale was definitely the way to go. The curly leaves didn’t wilt completely so they still added a crispness and texture the dish needed since it came out a bit runny. I will certainly make this again.

  14. One of the things that drew me to your website was that you use Kale. It is one of my favorite vegetables. Not only do I eat it, but I put it in my dogs’ food. It is a healthy food.

    My favorite recipe of yours is lamb meatballs, pasta, and kale. I love making it and eating it.

  15. melissa, love your blog. would you share what camera you use to take such gorgeous pictures. Thanks.

  16. Ying Krumm says:

    In most marine mussels the shell is longer than it is wide, being wedge-shaped or asymmetrical. The external colour of the shell is often dark blue, blackish, or brown, while the interior is silvery and somewhat nacreous.`’..:

    Look over our personal blog too

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