Guava & Cream Cheese French Toast

Guava & Cream Cheese French Toast

I often hear people commenting on how they’re not breakfast people. Or how they can’t eat for a few hours after they wake up in the morning. I do not understand these people. Am I the only one who wakes up hungry? Now that I’m pregnant, sale I actually wake up starving and usually have two, help sometimes three, doctor breakfasts. A small one before I work out – a piece of fruit, a little bit of cereal – and then a more substantial one before I get ready to go to work – usually a fruit and peanut butter smoothie or oatmeal and an egg. If I’m still hungry, I’ll have cheese and crackers when I get to work. Am I boring you with my daily routine? Sorry about that. I just mean to say – I am really into breakfast.

And breakfast on the weekend is even better. You get to stay in your pajamas while you make something good to eat and you don’t have to worry about how long it will take or how much of a mess you’ll make. There’s plenty of time for special treats. This breakfast definitely falls into the “special treat” category and it’s not for those of you on diets. 07 19 30

I got the idea when I had brunch at my favorite restaurant – Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. They serve a Guava and Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast which was one of the highlights of our meal. Granted, my version is not as pretty or as well-executed, but I can promise you that it’s delicious.

Guava & Cream Cheese French Toast

The secret is to use non-sweet bread. While I love regular french toast made with brioche and challah bread, I think those would make thing dish overly sweet. Instead I opted for something called a “Neo Tuscan Boule” from the bakery. It was basically a sourdough boule and it was the perfect contrast to the sweet guava and maple syrup. If you’ve never had guava and cream cheese together, then shame on you! It’s amazing. Like chocolate covered pretzels or gorgonzola and pears. A match made in breakfast heaven.


  1. yeah, when i got pregnant with my first born i always have to crave for like fruits and seafoods,good thing hubby had a friend who knows where we can have great deals for resto’s..and ahmm all he did is just text the keyword WEEKEND and send to 21534 and from there we had a great big savings on where to should try this one..

  2. If your interested in another version of those guava and cream cheese stuffed french breads (which we call “Torrejas a lo Refugiado”) check out Marta Darby’s recipe (the cook of Babalu blog and writer of “My Big Fat Cuban Family she makes em AWESOME!)

  3. I loooove having breakfast on weekend, one filled with soft boiled eggs, potatoes, asparagus… hummm!

    But weirdly enough, on weekdays I can hardly ingest anything, I try as much as I can but usually the only thing I can manage to eat is peanut butter toasts and an espresso.

    These looks amazing! Where do you get your guava paste?

  4. I’m one of those people who can’t eat right away in the morning…if I force myself to eat in the morning because it’s going to be a late lunch day, I always feel nauseated for hours. Plus I then feel the need to keep eating all day long. Double whammy!

    This recipe looks like a winner for brunch or lunch or late-night, though! I’ve tried quince (marmalada) and cream cheese, but will have to go in search of guava. Your photos make my mouth water :)

  5. Um yum! And WHERE did you get your coffee cup? I LOVE!

  6. MyFrogs – Thanks! The mugs are part of my wedding china, which has since been discontinued :( It was Nambe Butterfly…

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