Pine nut Rosemary Shortbread

pine nut rosemary shortbread

I came across this recipe on 101cookbooks and knew that this was the only cookie I’d be making this holiday season. With all the construction and moving, neurologist I didn’t have time to put up lights or decorate a tree. All in all, more about it’s been very scrooge-like at my house. But these cookies just begged for me to make them and I needed something for dessert when my family came over for early Christmas (because we’ll be in Michigan for actual Christmas). I’d never made shortbread before, website like this and it may be awhile before I’m brave enough to make it again. It’s a pain. You have to refrigerate the dough. You have to roll it. You have to take a cookie cutter to it. Like I said, a pain.

But the results were tasty enough, and I served the cookies with a pretty little ball of vanilla ice cream. After all, it’s not Christmas if there’s no ice cream according to Tom.

shortbread and ice cream