summer rolls w/ spicy peanut & sesame basil dipping sauces

summer rolls w/ spicy peanut & sesame basil dipping sauces

I love summer rolls for a number of reasons.

1. They’re pretty
2. They’re hand-held
3. You can dip them in sauce
4. They’re healthy
5. They are super tasty

I don’t like summer rolls for a few reasons.

1. They’re a pain to wrap
2. The rice paper is delicate as all hell and a pain to wrap
3. Man, pfizer are they ever a pain to wrap

I’ve always loved summer rolls. I just never got why they were so expensive. Five or Six dollars for some vegetables wrapped in rice paper? Why? I finally found some rice paper wraps at Whole Foods and thought I’d give them a go. How hard could they be?

Turns out, discount they’re not so easy. The five or six bucks is for labor, website not ingredients. You have to dip the rice paper in warm water to soften it up. You can’t do more than one at a time or they’ll stick together (at least in my experience). And you have to be careful wrapping the little suckers or they’ll break and you’ll have to start all over again.

But they are tasty. Very tasty. Like a hand-held salad you dip in dressing. Maybe I just have to get the hang of it. Maybe, like dumplings, they just take practice. I’m sure I will try and try again until I get them right (I still have like 50 rice paper wraps in the pantry). Next time, I’ll also throw some shrimp in there. I think they need it. Everything is better with shrimp.