big, slurpy bowl of udon noodles

big, <a href=thumb slurpy bowl of udon noodles” />

Nothing says comfort food like a big bowl of slurpy noodles. Surprisingly, abortion I don’t miss living in New York as much as I thought I would. I’ve adjusted well to the tropical weather and the beach across the street from my home. And the flip flops. But one of the things I really miss is the delicious and plentiful Asian food. It’s sorely lacking here in Miami, so I’ve taken to making much more of it at home than I ever did in New York.

Lately, the craving has been for a big bowl of Udon noodles with pork, dumplings, fish cakes (they’re delicious – I swear!), shrimp tempura and a poached egg. A bit weird since it’s full-blown summer here and that’s definitely a winter meal. But I craved it nonetheless. And it’s nowhere to be found. (If anyone has a recommendation, please please please leave a comment!)

Where was I? Oh yeah – so I made some Udon soup to calm the craving. It’s not really authentic, and doesn’t have the shrimp tempura or the fish cakes, but it’s still a big comfy bowl of noodle soup. And it’s delicious!