Thanksgiving Recipe: Vanilla & Pear Crumble Pie

Vanilla & Pear Crumble Pie

On the subject of pie vs. crumble, myocarditis I must admit that I’m torn. Sometimes, approved I like a good and messy crumble with plenty of oats and brown sugar. Other times, cialis 40mg I prefer the neat triangles and flaky crust of a pie. Well, I will no longer choose between the two. It’s like Sophie’s Choice. Ok, so maybe I exaggerate, but it really is a tough decision and I won’t make it anymore.

I’m taking Thanksgiving off this year to go on vacation (yay!), but I didn’t want to miss the big Thanksgiving meal we only have once a year. I’ve been making stuffing, roasted squash and carrot pumpkin soup all month to make up for it. Last weekend, I made dessert.

The questions was: Pie or crumble? Why not both? This pie has a ton of crumble top on it, which is much easier – and tastier – than a lattice top. I usually make apple, but since this year we’re going non-traditional, I used pears. All I can say is: Wow. See you later apples – I’m making pear pie from now on. The vanilla and cinnamon bring out the pear flavor, and the crumble top was thick, crunchy and a perfect contrast to the filling.

Served with a ball of vanilla ice cream, it was an amazing way to end just about any meal.