Piquillo Peppers stuffed w/Artichokes, Tuna & Egg Salad

Piquillo Peppers stuffed w/Artichokes, <a href=troche Tuna & Egg Salad” />

Everyone loves tuna salad right? My sister-in-law can’t get enough. If there’s a tuna salad sandwich on the menu, therapist you know she’s probably going to order it. Even my notoriously picky college roommate likes tuna, and she hates everything, including all kinds of fish. (I know…I simply cannot explain it.)

While traditional tuna salad is delicious, I know everyone’s got their favorite recipe. Some people like onions, celery and mayo. Others prefer yellow mustard and relish. I even know someone who uses cream cheese, but I think that’s plain weird. My favorite is mayo-less and usually involves red onions and roasted peppers, but sometimes I add eggs. This is how the Spaniards do it, and they do their tuna right.

This time, I made a simple salad of imported Spanish tuna, packed in tomato sauce, mixed with artichoke hearts, thinly sliced red onion and hard-boiled eggs. Stuff everything into a grilled piquillo pepper and you’ve got a pretty fancy-looking lunch or snack in under 15 minutes. These would also make a pretty little appetizer on a small handful of greens. Even better, skip the stuffing part and squash everything inside a crusty baguette for a truly delicious sandwich.

So, what’s your favorite tuna salad recipe? Do you eat it in a sandwich? On crackers? Straight from the mixing bowl?